Re: "Show-me-state" conspiracy

Dear Woodstock, Remember when I mentioned to you I would like to have a
stage, and put a sign over it, that says "Band of Love" anyone can
join! and I told you there was a hot lead guitarist here? Well, I have
a little sound clip, just push LO-FI and it comes on almost
immediately. Listen to the second one first, it is Neo-Classic
Electric. The other one called Smiley is a field song, and it is
Please listen to it and tell me what you think about the
Electric One. Guitar Joe, whom is also Riff Rider, watched your video.
He enjoyed it.

Also I have another posting with a direct link on AGR. It says Sound
Test or something like that.
You and Swan are always welcome here, but its too hot in the
summer, and too cold in the winter. We are having a festival gathering
type thing in October.
The guy named Mike called me from Texas yesterday. Its nice
there in the Winter, but the summer is unbearably hot. Both Coastlines
have nice weather, but they also have other problems.
Love, Mother Rainbow XOXO


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