Re: swtor is stealing my friends

On Jan 17, 8:11 am, Neil Cerutti <ne...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A geared Lock is supposedly very, very tough at level 85 PVP. But
the main reason you're getting ganked is probably low resilience,
and, well, Rogues like getting kills.

I can vouch for this. My warlock easily holds his own, and I just have
normal battleground gear on him.

The obvious caveats apply: must be affliction PvP spec, must have lots
of resilience, must have a pet out, must have soul link up, must have
important pet abilities (seduction, whiplash, spell lock, devour
magic) on a key bound macro (instead of on auto-attack), must be using
crowd control abilities early and often.

If you are worried about rogues, the succubus pet, invisible on
passive follow, is your best friend. Seduce that rogue mid attack
sequence and turn the tables on him with a fear attack chain.
// T.Hsu