Wekkly update

Missed the last few due to xmas and stuff, and haven't played a huge
amount, however.

My warrior hit L70 a week or so back, through pvp mainly, I had enough
honour to buy the pvp 1 hander sword at about 65 and all the 70 pvp gear
when I hit 70.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but I swapped to protection spec at
about L64 and never looked back, prot warrior in pvp is hilarious! I can
now take on a pally 1-2-1 and actually win every so often, and with a
healer I can rip through half a dozen enemies :D Should have done this
ages ago!

I also have a pvp macro which makes me laugh. It charges, berserker
rage, both trinkets, inner rage, battle shout, shield wall and probably
a few things I can't remember, all in one push due to them all being
instant. Nothing like going out in a blaze of glory. Admittedly, if my
opponent lasts past 5 seconds, i'm screwed :D


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