Weekly updates

Seem to have done more than I realised this week - my priest *finally*
got lucky in Dragon Soul and after no drops until now, got 4 this
week: T13 robe/gloves, and a wand and staff - the weapons don't have
spirit but they're good enough for me to not really care, so long as I
keep it up on my other items. Very happy with that luck, especially
the staff; that was a big upgrade for me. Even if it did mean coughing
up for another weapon enchant less than a week after I got the mace
from Azshara, grr :-P

Also got a shiny new staff on my shaman; took her into End Time with
my bf's rogue for a run and Jaina kindly dropped her staff; I'd
usually go 1h+shield on shaman but well, I was wearing 346 mace with
333 shield, so no contest; I think it was a 700 spellpower upgrade...!
Of course I realised then that my transmog plans hadn't allowed for
her wearing a staff, best one I could see to match her outfit drops in
BWL, so to took her along on our regular run for my pally and bf's
rogue T2; since shaman's on the same account as my druid who normally
tanks, I had a shot on my pally. Argh, I can tell which character I
have a LOT more practice tanking on; druid is second nature to hit the
right abilities at the right time, pally I was slow as heck reacting
to anything and struggled quite a bit. We made it through but much
harder work, hopefully that'll improve with practice! Oh and nothing
dropped in BWL btw, sigh; there's two really nice 2h axes in there
that would suit my pally's retri set (which I have completed other
than weapon: it's the lvl 70 recolour of warrior T1, spent a while at
the weekend farming old instances for that), maybe next time!

Also did 2 runs of Molten Core: priest+druid and pally+warrior;
nothing interesting dropped for either pair but I got enough Blood of
the Mountain for bf's Sulfuras, so I'll be farming arcanite now.
Priest and druid will be finished with that place at long last this
week; just one run from max exalted for priest and tipping over
exalted for druid, phew! My priest has 25 Ragnaros kills according to
stats, you can imagine I'm a touch bored with the place; my pally and
warrior will keep running though, since pally needs T2 legs and
warrior needs the other half of Thunderfury; I'm determined to get
that one day after the amount of time I've spent in that place.

Other than that, been questing a fair bit, shaman did Deepholm so as
to actually have shoulder enchants, plus a useful tabard to wear next
time I run an instance on her. Pally is halfway through Twilight
Highlands and working on Tol Barad dailies for her 346 2h weapon; I
was going for a 1h as well but my druid actually got lucky in
Archaeology and picked one up (I've had no 359 epics from Arch except
the caster ring, twice) - ok, it's dps stats not tanky, but it's still
359 rather than the 318 I was wearing. Awesome glow on that thing too,
I'll be hanging onto it for transmog one I get better weapons for
general use (will probably use it on my rogue temporarily at 85 as
well; it may be strength but it'll beat a 318 green). Finding it's
actually easier questing in prot than retri atm, dammit - that attack
power buff from Vengeance is fantastic! I imagine retri will get
better with better gear, but right now I'm finding I usually end up
with more than 1 mob on me in the mini-dungeons in TB, and prot is far
better in that situation.

Oh yeah, did Darkmoon as well, discovered that while they've changed
it so you have to be lvl appropriate to loot the dungeon drops,
there's no saying that every party member has to be level appropriate.
So, boost an alt through some suitable dungeons, job done ;-)
Sagart (85 Undead Priest) Tairbh (85 Tauren Druid)
Buinne (85 Troll Shaman) Eilnich (85 Blood Elf Warlock)
Ruire (85 Blood Elf Paladin) Balgair (81 Human Rogue)
Dubh (80 Orc Death Knight) Rosad (73 Human Warlock)