Holidays week

Just realised it's Monday :) This place is super quiet at present, so
hope everyone had good holidays!

Anyways in WoW this week I've been doing a lot of Greench killing (got
Lumpy... twice on the same character and not on any of the other 4 I
was running through daily. Plus side is it was my pet collector that
got him, for once!), and my bf has been levelling a rogue alt, which
had the nice side effect of my DK getting 3 lvls by tagging along in
Northrend instance boosts, and I now have somebody to run 5-mans with
on my priest again :-)

Although I've now geared my priest up quite well, mace dropped in Well
of Eternity today, then I got enough Valors for a cloak and enough
Justice for a ring, meaning only things leftto upgrade to 378 are 2nd
trinket (got the drop one, guess Valor is the only option there) and
shoulders... which, most annoyingly, actually dropped at last just
now. Only for the mage to outroll me. Sigh. If anybody sees a mage
with the 378 spirit shoulders on, know that somewhere out there a
priest is crying... :-P

Ran Dragon Soul, both parts, with my bf's hunter, and as per usual, no
loot luck for me - he's now had 4 drops in there, including the bow;
I'm jealous! In a good way though; I'm happy for him, but wish I had
some luck too :-P

Altswise, my warlock completed her transmog set, full Felheart (very
blood elfy looks) together with -
really happy with that look. May take her into the new 5-mans soon,
since my bf still wants stuff there and not much point taking my feral
druid on runs with his rogue, both wanting the same gear :-P Running
Molten Front on her a bit at the moment, too, can use a new trinket
and the guild's progressing a bit in levels, so more guild exp is a
good thing! Not too far from the 15 mins hearthstone perk now :-)

Paladin is gearing up from BoEs a bit, and working on her transmog
sets; we're running BWL weekly atm for my paladin and bf's rogue T2
sets, not a lot of luck but still. Also working on the lvl 70 Might
recolour set for my other outfit (retri/prot dualspec so may as well
get 2 gear sets) but not a lot of luck as yet. Also running Tol Barad
dailies for new weapons, was thinking of crafting a ton of
blacksmithing stuff for her, then noticed the truegold daily transmute
cd and um, yeah, I'll make a few bits but weapons will be quicker
through TB :-P

Darkmoon Faire opened yesterday so time for many dailies,
unfortunately it seems I can't get the quest items to drop on high
lvls any more, may have to boost some alts through lowbie instances
then! Shaman will get her transmog shoulders tomorrow (Dungeon 2 set)
and rogue is hoping for another piece too - priest is close to a 2nd
pet as well. Guess that'll keep me busy this week!
Sagart (85 Undead Priest) Tairbh (85 Tauren Druid)
Buinne (85 Troll Shaman) Eilnich (85 Blood Elf Warlock)
Ruire (85 Blood Elf Paladin) Balgair (81 Human Rogue)
Dubh (80 Orc Death Knight) Rosad (73 Human Warlock)

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