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I'd agree on that front, would've rather had a new faction so you had
progress all the way. I'm not too bored yet though, having different
quests each day makes it far less tedious than many grinds, especially
being able to choose which set I do now I've opened both druids and
wardens up. Opening the remaining vendors will feel a bit tedious, but
it's only going to take about another 10 days or so I think.

My Paladin is 17 or so Marks into the 125 needed to open up the last
faction (the Elders) (filled the Moonwell last night). And I think
it's safe to say that once that's done, I'll never do these quests
again. I couldn't imagine grinding all those Marks on more than one

My bad luck that my three 85s are all healers, and that you can no
longer quest in your healing spec, like you could in Wrath. Mustn't
forget that Cata's "exciting" and "game-breaking" and "revolutionary"
gameplay meant nerfing the *$&# out of healers.

I'm not noticing that tbh, maybe paladins got nerfed but priests are
far stronger when not in a DPS spoec than they were before. Holy isn't
great but Disc is ideal for soloing, I've never felt any need to even
consider shadow.

I don't "get" DPS at all. I've tried Shadow on my Holy Priest and
Boomkin on my Resto Druid, and I suck at it. Not to mention I find
them very squishy.

Try Disc then, it's probably better for you than shadow - it certainly
suits me much better. Boomkin surely isn't that hard to solo with,
it's a case of use the same spells you would've done as resto but hey
presto! they do far more damage ;-)

My Paladin has it better, since he's in Plate and all of his self-
healing is instant (Holy Shocks, Word of Glory, etc.), while the
Boomkin has to drop form to cast heals.

I found on my moonkins that being out of form doesn't hurt dmg that
much, so it's not like you have to keep shifting form, if you want to
heal yourself, stay in caster form till the fight's done. Much better
than being feral and needing to heal yourself, trust me... you can do
*no* dmg in caster form if you're feral nowadays (seriously, at 80 I
could, by using all my mana and innervating myself, kill a single mob
my lvl... at 85, I run oom trying to kill something lvl 60ish in
caster form)

Not that having to hard cast Exorcism 18 times to kill one mob isn't
fun or anything. But it's even worse when you have to burn things
fast, like that "Into the Fire" quest where you follow the Druid who
quenches the fire. I have to be facing the target to use Holy Shock
and Exorcism, which isn't easy to do when you are following the Druid.

Great, I'm overwhelmed by Naga. Guess I should kill some of them.
Target one. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism.
Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism. Exorcism.
Exorcism. Yay! I've got one mob out of 10 down to 60% health! Whoops.
The Druid died.

Heal him ;-) And I have to turn to cast stuff on him too, it's not
that bad. You can always get yourself a big hitting 2h weapon and
maybe a couple of +strength items and then use a few melee abilities
anyway; you have Crusader Strike available to you, right?
Sagart (85 Undead Priest)
Tairbh (85 Tauren Druid)
Buinne (85 Troll Shaman)
Eilnich (81 Blood Elf Warlock)
Balgair (80 Human Rogue)
Ruire (80 Blood Elf Paladin)