Re: Fireland dailies...

On 7/26/2011 10:12 AM, neithskye wrote:
On Jul 25, 4:27 pm, Catriona R<catrionarNOS...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd agree on that front, would've rather had a new faction so you had
progress all the way. I'm not too bored yet though, having different
quests each day makes it far less tedious than many grinds, especially
being able to choose which set I do now I've opened both druids and
wardens up. Opening the remaining vendors will feel a bit tedious, but
it's only going to take about another 10 days or so I think.

My Paladin is 17 or so Marks into the 125 needed to open up the last
faction (the Elders) (filled the Moonwell last night). And I think
it's safe to say that once that's done, I'll never do these quests
again. I couldn't imagine grinding all those Marks on more than one

My bad luck that my three 85s are all healers, and that you can no
longer quest in your healing spec, like you could in Wrath. Mustn't
forget that Cata's "exciting" and "game-breaking" and "revolutionary"
gameplay meant nerfing the *$&# out of healers.

I don't "get" DPS at all. I've tried Shadow on my Holy Priest and
Boomkin on my Resto Druid, and I suck at it. Not to mention I find
them very squishy.

One of the toons I'm running them on is my resto druid. I haven't played dps on it since 80 maybe? But my off spec was kitty, and I had forgot completely how to play him. But even if you pick up a set of crap agility gear from the AH or from OS gear in heroics, try doing the dailies as kitty. You can get away and succeed with 4 buttons. Are you doing great dps? Hell no, but anything is better then boomkins right now it seems. FF to grab your target, mutilate, then claw. Use a finishing move when you get to 5 cps and then repeat, Using the tiger fury button to get energy back. I may be screwing the attack names up, as I set up my buttons and just push 1-5 in order. I'm not looking at perfecting my dps on this Hell, I even got away with ff, tiger fury and spamming mutilate when I started and was getting around 9K dps with crap gear. I get 15-20k at the roost where I can get behind the target with my 4 other CPU provided druid group and use a proper back attack instead of claw. Again, probably screwing names up. I am getting better though on him. Even dabbled into swiping down a couple targets at once after throwing on barkskin....ooooo! Living on the edge!! lol :)