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Orion Ryder <orionryder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, my name is Orion Ryder and if anyone out there is like me they
are only a shell of a person after the grueling week of (spit, double
spit, triple spit) School of Hard Knocks grinding.

My sympathies.

I have been on record for years as saying that I *hate* the School of Hard
Knocks achievement.

Unlike many others who do, though, I don't hate it because it is hard. I
don't hate it because I don't like being "forced" to PvP for a PvE reward.
And I don't hate it because I suck at PvP and thus end up frustrated and

I actually enjoy PvP. I'm not masterful at it, because it's never been my
primary focus in the game, but mixing it up with other players, especially
out in the world or tied to some RP event, is a lot of fun. I've spent
many fun hours in BGs over the years, and I spent the first 3 years I
played on PVP server.

And I like the idea of achievements that encourage non PvPers to come and
get a taste of the PVP experience. Which brings me to the problem:

The School of Hard Knocks achievement encourages people to play
battlegrounds in a way that is not optimal for that battleground. People
who go into the battleground focused on their single individial achievement
aren't thinking strategically OR tactically, they are not looking to
further the team's goals, and they're not necessarily doing the things that
best contribute to the success of their side in the BG.

Admittedly, that describes a good 20% of people in any given BG on any
given day. But during children's week, that number shoots up to about 90%,
as the horde (or, I suppose, alliance) of PVEers make their annual foray
into the battlegrounds in search of shiny cheese and purple protodrakes.

I really think this achievement should be retired, and replaced with an
achievement which states "Win each of the following battlegrounds with you
orphan out." That at least encourages people coming in to work towards the
overall victory condition, and maybe find out that BGs are kinda fun.

Just two coppers from this semi-retired WoW player.

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