Re: Very young kids, and WOW

On 4/14/2011 5:02 AM, SF wrote:
Op 14-4-2011 10:52, ToolPackinMama schreef:
Enough with the "some kids are more mature than some of the adults who

People who are at least teenagers have some defense. It's not just life
experience; it's a matter of biological brain development.

Very young children are particularly vulnerable to the addictive allure,
since their brains and bodies and LIVES are completely immature, no
matter how polite and technically able they are.

wow does not only have negative effects on children. I know a kid that
wanted to learn to read and write because he wanted to read the
questlines and chat with other people. Now at age 6 he is far beyond
other kids his age with writing and reading. Still in principle I agree
with you. The game is too addictive for kids.

Well... yeah.

You know, if WOW could be credited with helping with reading and writing skills, then why are so many chat trolls so obviously illiterate?

How's this for an explanation: 6 year olds will learn to read no matter what they are reading. You just got to hand them something they want to read.

BTW, I could read and write at 4, and I am no MOZART. This was long before computer games existed. My parents taught me by reading to me and working with me.