Re: OT - Vent Question

On Feb 4, 10:36 am, IYM <"S U N risr"> wrote:

before entering a new password make sure to delete anything currently in
the password box. then clik OK

if you still have problems then check with a server admin to have them re-enter your password on the server side.

Hmm, maybe that's the problem? I can't remember if I deleted the old
password or just select-all, then typed over it.

Interesting that the password box will always display eight circles.
However, even if I go directly to Connect from entering in the new
password, it says it can't confirm my username and password. To make
sure I didn't make a typo I've tried the new password and my personal
password several times, and it still can't confirm my username and

I am Admin so maybe I'll go to the site and reset my own password.
This is very frustrating.