Re: Our Little Guild Will Finally Reach Level 2

Urbin wrote:
If you managed to get to 85 in dungeons, I take it that enough gear
drops in Throne of Tides and Blackrock Cavern to equip you to enter
the next higher tier of instances?

Not from those instances alone. Since I hate repeating zones' quests I
leveled my DK exclusively through instances, and at 84 focused on
running the three level 84 regular instances, especially Halls of
Origination. I was able to run heroics very soon after turning 85,
although as with my other characters I waited unti my iLevel was in
the low 330s before doing so.

Of my two other 85s, I only quested in one through Vashj'ir, and the
other through Hyjal. After doing so while running instances got me to
mid-83 or so, I then ran both through instances only until 85.

(For all three characters I did run at 84 the Stormwind/Orgrimmar
questline to open up Twilight Highlands, the one in the zone itself to
open the portal, and the Crucible of Carnage quests, for a total of
about 15-16 quests. The Crucible quests can be run without the others,
if desired.)

The main disadvantage of such an approach is faction reputation. While
the characters that quested through Hyjal and Vashj'ir reached
Friendly with the Guardians of Hyjal and Earthen Ring factions,
respectively, so could buy the tabards that got them to Exalted
through instances, they lack other reputations and of course the DK
lacks all. The in-instance questlines aren't enough to get characters
to Friendly with, say, Ramkahen or Earthen Ring, and killing enemies
within instances doesn't generate *any* reputation without a

Yes, in retrospect I should've sent one of my characters through
Uldum, another through Deepholm, and a third through Twilight
Highlands, but now that they're all 85 I have no interest in doing so;
I like running instances too much, I suppose. I'd still have faced the
issue of lacking some factions on each character, anyway. Even a few
per kill would surely have gotten me to Friendly and a tabard for
every available faction for each character by now. That said, if I
knew that a half-dozen Uldum quests were enough to get me to Friendly
with Ramkahen I'd run them. I expect that at some point reputation
tokens will become available for purchase as in Northrend.

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