Re: GFW_Feedomatic no longer works :(

On Jan 9, 6:25 pm, b...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Burt Johnson) wrote:
I used to rely on GFW_Feedomatic to feed my hunter pet.  Made feeding
him a simple one-key affair.  Unfortunately it has not worked for me
since CATA came out, despite several updates, including one just
yesterday.  I have been forced to open my bags, click the 'feed pet'
action item, click the appropriate food, close bags routine.

Anyone know of a trick to get GFW_Feedomatic working again, or a better
alternative to replace it?

I think that the best option by far is the Glyph of Mend Pet (a minor
glyph). It makes it so that your Mend Pet ability also adds happiness
to your pet (the same effect that feeding your pet has). It is the
single best "quality of life" glyph for a hunter, IMO. No more
carrying around stacks of food, just pop Mend Pet whenever Fluffy gets
a little upset! It doesn't matter whether your pet actually needs any
healing; the happiness gain happens regardless of the amount actually
healed. Although, like the regular healing from Mend Pet, the glyph
adds happiness over a few seconds of time, not in an instant burst
(i.e. wait for it to get applied; mashing your Mend Pet key
continuously does not help). Best of all, you probably have Mend Pet
somewhere on your bars already, so you don't need a new button, a new
macro or yet another addon to make it work. OK, it costs a minor
glyph slot, but I think this is far and away the most useful one of
the lot.

The Mend Pet glyph can be used as early as level 25. It is a minor
glyph, so scribes do not learn it from the trainer, but only randomly
from daily research. It depends on your server's glyph economy, but
on mine, glyphs like that tend to be more expensive.

For added insurance, there are pet talents that add to happiness too,
but those only work as an added effect of Growl (i.e. must be in
combat; can't be done at will in town) and are not available until
higher levels (32 for Ferocity pets, 44 for Tenacity). The most
similar talent for Cunning pets requires them to feed on the corpse of
a dead enemy, so it is even less practical.

- Prelgor