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Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm sure I'll get there, but I was a bit frustrated after my initial elation
at having reached hit cap the moment I hit 85 :-)

what is the hit cap for a bm hunter?

The hit cap for any hunter is 8%. I don't know of and BM talents that help
reaching those 8% with less hit value, so the percentage should be the same
for all of us.

8% hit is 961 hit rating, and I'm at 770 which gives 6.41% at the
moment with about 1.6% missing.

I have +5,33 on mine
<> and
it seems that I have a miss around 0,0..something on lvl 88 mobs

Yes, your armory page confirms you have 5.33% hit. How do you come to the
conclusion, that you have a miss around 0.0x against level 88 mobs?

Check your in-game tooltip on the character screen, that breaks down miss
chances against mobs of your level, +1, +2, +3/boss mobs.

maybe be because aretùsa is bm and urbin is sv that you need so much hit

We both need 8% hit. Why do you think you need less? Draenei get a bonus,
but from the armory I see that you are a troll, who doesn't get a hit bonus
as far as I know.

Be glad we're not mages, spell hit cap is 17% or about 1740 hit rating.

Some sources I consulted on hit rating:

ElitisJerks on differences between WotLK and Cata hit rating:

Cataclysm hit cap discussions:

Cataclysm hunter hit cap discussions:

Wowpedia hit rating breakdown

Urbin, glad he is not a mage

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