Re: too many linked quests in CATA... :(

On Mon, 3 Jan 2011 11:54:18 -0800, Burt Johnson wrote:
Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

He claims to have been playing for 4 years, but has never heard of

As far as I know, Burt is *very* casual about playing, prefers levelling
alts, hasn't had high level characters until were late and plays almost
exclusively solo (this is all from memory of his posts over the last few
years), so yes, I *do* believe that he probably never heard about many
things that are obvious to us.

Slight correction -- I had heard of heirlooms, and seen vendors sell
them (in Shat if I remember right)

Dalaran, Wintergraps and the Argent Tournament.

Thus, I don't believe I said I had never heard of them, but rather that
I had never had any of them. (If I said differently, I misspoke)

I misinterpreted, you asked about some property or where to get them, so I
assumed you didn't know about them, as did Shiflet I guess.

And yes, I only hit 80 last Spring. I did one Alliance and one Horde,
and stopped playing each the instant they dinged 80. I don't really
have any interest in the end-game aspect, and when I max out in level,
that is the end of the line for that toon for me. Hence, my lack of
rush to hit 85...

So I remembered correclty :)

I am a bit worried that someone here said the Old World quests have been
changed into chains too though.

They have. I haven't beein doing them on a char of appropriate level but I
have been questing through them on my level 80 char in most of the Eastern
Kingdom zones. I haven't gotten stuck once. Obviously, at 80-85 there won't
be a problem of them being "too hard", but what I'm trying to say is that
when I handed in a quest, there was *always* a quest marker (!) nearby that
led me on. There were no group quests that I remember. There were a few
elites to be fought, but for those you usually get some special buff or an
NPC to help.

Last night I even did the deck swabbing. It took me three tries to get it
done. It is indeed not quite trivial. Especially because the camera angle
keeps changing when you move under some rope of the rigging and then there
are those bloody birds flying around. Still, I would classify it as
annoying, not impossible.

If I hit a quest I really don't want to do, I will probably just abandon
the toon

Befor you do anything drastic, you could still try to just skip the zone.
Unless it's a quest in very beginning of the zone you are probably ready for
the next higher zone anyway. And if you're not, there are usually 2-3 zones
of appropriate level available: one IF-based, one SW-based and one in
Kalimdor. That should give you some hope :-)

In fact, I have gotten accustomed to playing lots of alts, and thus
always playing at full rested XP. That allowed me to pick and choose,
and skip areas I didn't care for, since I was leveling faster than the
storyline planned.

You will still be able to do this, though on a per-zone base rather than a
per-subzone/area base.

I never planned on playing for 4 years when I picked up this game. Not
the end of my personal world if the end is finally near.

I'm sure you'll let us know how it develops.

Not sure if it is good for Blizzard though. I doubt I am the only one
that will not like getting stuck, and the huge majority of players don't
know they can come here and ask how to get out of it.

I think for those not knowing how to come here for help are actually better
off with linear questing, as it guides them through zones much better. Of
course, if they get stuck on a crucial quest (or phasing is bugged, but I've
seen that only in Vashj'ir and relogging solved it) it can be a bit of a


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