Re: Wireless mouse problem

Gumby951 <gumby760@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I must have missed something. I didn't see where he said the game was
lagging or bogging down, just that the mouse was slow.

Yep. And I replied that my prior Mac couldn't do squat when WoW was
running in a windpw, incluidng suing a wireless mouse. My new Mac has
no problem and runs everything (incluidng wireless mouse) fine.

As for Bluetooth, he didn't say, and I assumed. I am not aware of any
consumer wireless mice using any other wireless technology these days.
I might be wrong, but I'd still bet that the WoW process is simply
bogging down the system so much that the wireless mouse is not being
pinged often enough.

- Burt Johnson
MindStorm, Inc.