Re: Wireless mouse problem

John Gordon <gordon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tried using a new wireless mouse yesterday to play Wow and I had trouble.

The mouse worked fine on the Windows desktop, the Wow login screen and
the character select screen.

However when I actually entered the game and began to play, the mouse
cursor was so hard to move it was basically unplayable -- the cursor acted
like it was swimming in thick molasses. Fiddling with the in-game mouse
settings did not help.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Your mouse is using Bluetooth to communicate. My first guess is that
your computer is bogging down under WoW and just can't keep the
Bluetooth running smoothly enough.

I was running on a pretty old Mac until a few months ago. If WoW was
running (even on the logon screen), every other process would come to a
crawl. I bought a new iMac in November and suddenly WoW has no impact on
the rest of the system at all that I can see.

I believe (don't 100% know) that WoW is optimized to use GPU. If your
computer does not have a current GPU, then the CPU has to do a lot more


1) Bring up your Video Proeferences. Turn down some of the shading and
other options. See if that helps performance.

2) Upgrade your video card

3) Buy a new PC

4) Give up and get a wired mouse again

5) Give up and move to a different game :)

Mix up the order to suit your prefs, but that is probably the order I
would check.

- Burt Johnson
MindStorm, Inc.