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On 1/2/2011 8:55 AM, Polarhound wrote:
On 1/1/2011 9:34 PM, Justin Alexander wrote:
Why pay to play Wow

Just go to a private server

I have and it is better than a retail server because they
change the setup and it is free.

Better mining, fishing, herbs, added more quests and guilds are free.

And so are the resulting lawsuits.

Rumor in the industry is now that Activision may try to sue some USERS
of private servers under some form of Conspiracy to commit fraud. Even
if they lose, it is going to get VERY expensive for those they do go

It should also be noted that when they win lawsuits against private
server providers, they usually end up getting ALL user information from
it as well, including IP addresses, email addresses, forum access
information, etc. You can bet that they will end up cross-referencing
it against their current and past subscriber lists since everyone on
those list also violated the same EULA.

While I do not condone private servers, I think this will be a small
problem, provided you did not sign up there with the same e-mail address
that you use as login. My IP address changes every 24 hours, so
that won't do them much good, either.

However, once they close down a private server, all the effort you have
invested into this server will be gone. That alone should be reason enough
not to do it.

This reply is a bit tangential but the idea that investment of effort is
rewarded in the official live game is debatable. Everything is so
ridiculously simple and largely effortless now. Frequent class and mechanic
changes have seen performance and abilities bouncing all over the place and
nothing a player can invest will alter that. Each new expansion resets all
that invested effort anyway regardless of how much or how little was made.
Only vanilla really saw an effort invested yielding any significant
advantage and being rewarded in a (virtually) substantial way. As the game
became more popular and lucrative the increased volume of casual players
whining about it resulted in blizzard killing off many of the RPG aspects in
the game in favour of an instant access shoot'em up.