Re: too many linked quests in CATA... :(

On 03/01/2011 08:15, Burt Johnson wrote:
Catriona R<catrionarNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Or perhaps at least an addon that gives you a good indication of the
level of each zone. I had one of those years ago, but it broke a long
time ago. I didn't really care until these latest changes, when
suddenly it looks relevant and important again.

Wouldn't common sense tell you the level of a zone? Every zone is a 5
lvl or 10 lvl range, pretty much all are 5 lvl ranges. So, look at the
lvl of mobs, and figure the range is about the nearest 0-5 or 6-10
range to it...

Am I missing something, or do you somehow magically (without resort to
internet searches) know what mobs will be in a zone before going there?
Without that foreknowledge, I'm not sure how your answer makes sense...?

You look at the board. You decide that you need to look at the board when you are in a zone that has become too easy for you and you want to move on.

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