Re: too many linked quests in CATA... :(

On Sun, 2 Jan 2011 10:56:15 -0800, Burt Johnson wrote:
Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have never come across grey mobs. Even now, at 85, when I go back to
Vashj'ir or Mount Hyjal, there are no grey mobs. So at least for Cata
content, grey mobs will not be a problem. Same for the worgen starting

I have hit it several times with the starting zones.

Which starting zones are those?

Goblin and Worgen. One is Alliance and one Horde, though I can't
remember which is which offhand.

Worgen are alliance, goblins are horde.

The quest itself is green, but I often find myself having to kill xxx
mobs that are grey and give no XP. Not only irritating, but not much of
a challenge when they are that far below the toon.

I've only tried it with a worgen (who had some rest XP, but not a full load)
and never once saw a grey mob.

I had several...


Alternatively, once mobs in that zone are grey, move on to the next higher
zone, that is still possible.

At least it is not possible in the starting zones, which now extend to
level 20 (or more?). Do all quests before you can even find other

I was level 13 by the time I landed in Rutheran with my worgen. From then
on, it is possible to move to other zones. Goblins are the other race who
can't leave their zone until the storyline is throuhg (as are all death
knights), but all other starter zones can be left any time a character
wants, or have they changed, these as well?

I haven't redone any of the "older classes" from starting under CATA, so
not sure.

Ok, so you are saying you had the problem of green quests and grey mobs with
worgens, something I did not have. MIght have been because of rest XP,
because I had very littel of that.

Why? Because there was zero chance of outpacing the storyline.

I don't want to outpace the storyline. That was my main reason for levelling
a worgen, the storyline in the starter area is so awesome that I wouldn't
have minded having grey mobs (though I didn't have any) just as long as I
could participate in the evolving story line.

None of that is true in the Goblin/Worgen starting zones. Easy to
outpace the story.

Huh? What do you mean with "outpacing the story"? I'm not sure I understand.

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