Re: too many linked quests in CATA... :(

Urbin <urbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

2) If I somehow miss a single link, I am suddenly stuck until I unwind
and find out what I missed. I have spent an hour+ a couple times in
that situation. I would rather just be able to skip it and keep moving.

I have re-quested some of the old, low level zones for achievments, I have
levelled a worgen through all of his zone and I have done all 80+ zones
(except Hyjal on which I'm working) and have not once had problems with
missing a crucial quest. Maybe I was just lucky.

Hit me again tonight. I had a 19 Worgen hunter. He went into a cave,
clicked on a swirling light to enter a "nightmare world." There was a
dragon there to talk to, but he wouldn't talk to me. Everywhere I went,
I was just getting random nightmare mobs, because I could not continue.
I had missed something, and I have no idea what...

I finally just let them kill me, and found that was the only way out of
the nightmare if you couldn't talk to the dragon (at least the only way
I figured out).

fortunately it seems that was the end of a quest line, as I was then
able to head south, get another flight path and pick up some other
quests. So in this case, I wasn't forced to back up.

3) I have a couple dozen toons at various levels, factions, races and
classes, from starting out to 82. Almost all of them are at 100% rested
at any given time. No matter which one I pick to go questing, I will
very quickly be doing green and grey quests due to the 100% killing XP
bonus, unless I am able to skip quests.

I started questing through Cata content (admittedly not at rested XP) while
running about 4 or 5 instances while questing and every once in a while
doing a fair bit of archeology (which gives insane XP).

I have never come across grey mobs. Even now, at 85, when I go back to
Vashj'ir or Mount Hyjal, there are no grey mobs. So at least for Cata
content, grey mobs will not be a problem. Same for the worgen starting

I have hit it several times with the starting zones. The quest itself
is green, but I often find myself having to kill xxx mobs that are grey
and give no XP. Not only irritating, but not much of a challenge when
they are that far below the toon.

Alternatively, once mobs in that zone are grey, move on to the next higher
zone, that is still possible.

At least it is not possible in the starting zones, which now extend to
level 20 (or more?). Do all quests before you can even find other

- Burt Johnson
MindStorm, Inc.