Ding 85 - how to max out my play now

So I dinged 85 and now have a few other goals on this char before moving to
my other chars.

I'll want to do the other zones for the loremaster, I'll want to work on
reps, see all dungeons on normal and gear up for heroics. Should keep me
nice and busy :)

Besides that, there are a few number crunching questions.


So, what are the new hunter stats. STA and AGI are pretty obvious, however,
I'm wondering about secondary stats. I assume +hit is still prime stat until
hit cap is reached. Am I right in thinking that I still need to reach +8%?
My melee stat pane tells me that with 825 hit (+6.87) I have 0% misses on a
level 87 mob and 1.13% on a boss/level 88 mob. The numbers seem to suggest
8% still is it then. That should be easily obtainable with a few more

What after that? Is +crit still the SV hunters prime stat after hit cap? Or
are haste or mastery more important? I won't be raiding (at least not
regularly), so stats for heroic 5-mans are what I need (with that in mind,
my hit is already fine I guess).


What is the recommended "rotation" for SV hunters these days? I usually do

1) hunter's mark + pet attack
2) black arrow
3) serpent sting
4) explosive shot
5) cobra shot until enough focus is gained
repeat 4 and 5 until mob is below 20% when I'll work in a kill shot when its
CD is up

Anything else to do? I no longer use steady shot at all, as cobra shot seems
to do more damage and rewinds serpent sting.

I have a wild levelling SV spec that could probably be improved into a
cookie cutter spec, I'll look into this one of these days.

Thanks for any feedback.

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