Re: Ding 85 - now require advice

On Dec 15, 10:50 am, "Mark (newsgroups)" <marknewsgro...@xxxxxxxxx>
I'd appreciate any advice for either the druid or the priest.

I can't help you with the priest, but druid healing for heroics is...
0. Keep a lifebloom stack up on the tank, no exceptions. Usually a
nourish or healing touch will refresh your lifebloom stack, but worst
case, refresh it with another lifebloom. Do not let it fall off the
1. Use omen of clarity procs on healing touch. Never waste that proc
on nourish.
2. Spec for malfurion's gift, so you get more omen of clarity procs.
If you can't tell already, lifebloom proccing omen of clarity for use
on healing touch is your primary method of mana conservation.
3. Stop casting regrowth, unless people are really, really low, like
15% low (that's about 15k health left for your typical dps). People
can taking a beating now and survive, so use that knowledge, or else
you will run out of mana.
4. Tree of life form will save you a ton of mana. Just lifebloom
everyone and omen will proc like crazy.

Thus, the basics of druid healing is cast 3 lifeblooms on the tank,
then spam nourish, fishing for an omen proc, which you use on healing

Actually, your starting tank heal sequence is lifebloom x2, rejuv,
lifebloom, in order to get mastery affecting your lifebloom ticks. Do
not bother about keeping rejuv ticking though - you'll run out of mana
if you do that.
// T.Hsu