Re: Swabbing the Deck

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 19:32:00 -0800, Burt Johnson wrote:
I started a new toon. Got to level 36 and hit a brick wall.

He is now friendly with the pirates in STV, so he can't do anything but
"swap the decks", but that is an impossible quest... at least for me.
The stains reproduce way too fast, with roughly 15 or 20 all coming at
once near the end, until "the deck is ruined" and I have to start over.

I can't undo the pirate friendly. I abaondon the quest, but nobody else
will talk to me.

I checked on the Blizzard forums and quite a few people hit the same
roadblock. One idiot claims it was the "easist quest he has ever done",
which leads me to believe he has never done it. Everyone else is also
giving up.

Any way to get out of this state, or do I just delete the toon and move
on, never again talking to pirates as I level a toon?

I haven't quested in STV since the shattering but there are other zones in
this level range, the plaguelands have moved down by about 10-20 levels so
at 36 you should be fine questing there.


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