Everyone's Doing Cata Content, or the Great Two Person WG Victory!

So, now that you can leverage fishing and cooking again, I stared with
the Darlaran dailies. Terrorfish. OK, so off to Wintergrasp. I land
at a pond next to a magician (I'm flying my DK) and she waves and I wave
back and we fish. She finishes and flies off.

Battle starts and I'm one fish short, so I accept the battle invite,
then check the social. There are only two of us on the alliance side.
She sends a message with a "lol" attacheds. She's just wandered into
the Sunken Ring workshop and lo and behold, a siege machine is waiting.
We're both recruits.

So she jumps in and goes to the fortress, running over NPCs while I'm
trying to catch that last damn terrorfish. Finally I do and ride up and
by then she's gotten through two walls and is banging down the keep gate.

I kill an npc harassing her, and after the first kill I'm a Lt! The
door comes down and Alliance wins with two players. I get 54 total
honor points for catching fish and killing one NPC.

I doubt that's going to happen again, any time soon.