Re: Timbermaw Rep...

On Fri, 26 Nov 2010 05:14:56 -0600, "Shiflet" <rshiflet@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Anyone wanting to get this, I recommend you take a trip over to Felwood and
do a little grinding. In less than an hour, I went from 2/3 of the way into
honored clear up to exalted. The mobs continue to give rep per kill even at
revered, and the feather turn ins now award 2k rep instead of 350...

Also related - if you didn't do Felwood quests and want to go to
Winterspring, don't worry, you now start Unfriendly instead of
Hostile, so can walk through their tunnel alright ;-)
Sagart (80 Undead Priest)
Balgair (80 Human Rogue)
Tairbh (80 Tauren Druid)
Buinne (80 Troll Shaman)
Ruire (80 Blood Elf Paladin)
Eilnich (75 Blood Elf Warlock)

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