Re: Addon update for 4.0.1

On 2010-10-23, Steve Kaye <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 22/10/2010 23:42, Urbin wrote:
Do you configure it on each character that you have or do you have one
config for all? It seems like I'll need to do it for each class to me
(although the main page does copy over)

You can use the profiles option if you want to share/copy configs between
characters. The profiles option is also handy if you want different
buttons/layouts for your different specs.

I configure it for each character. There is a "store button" functionality
but I have never tried using it and am not sure what it does.

Yeah, I've seen that when I've used it previously. I never managed to
figure it out. I notice now that it has my bag buttons in it but I've
deleted my bag bar so maybe that's where orphaned buttons go.

It took me a while to figure out this too. Here's how I understand it.

The stored buttons area is used for 2 things:
1. Orphaned buttons, as Steve guessed. Everytime you remove a button
from a bar it gets moved to the stored buttson area. Think of it
as a recycle bin :-)
You can remove buttons from the stored buttons area using the
"delete button" button.

2. It's also a way of having off-screen (hidden) buttons/macros, just
like the standard Blizzard /macro screen. Use the "lock row"
checkbox to make sure you can't delete buttons you want to keep.

I use stored buttons for macros I want key-bound, but that I don't want
getting in the way on screen.
For example, I created a new button in there, drag-and-drop my hearthstone
on it, then keybind it to ctrl-H. Now I can use my hearthstone using

You can "link" a bar to another bar but I don't think that's it. Making
5 bars is more effort, I think, particularly if you can't snap bars

Linking is more functionality that I don't understand.
I love Macaroon, but the documentation is lacking for some of the more
advanced features.

If you have questions/problems, I suggest posting to the comments page for
Macaroon on - the author, Maul, seems to keep his eye on that

Zil, Holy Priest, Whact, Stormrage (EU)