Re: Addon update for 4.0.1

On 22/10/2010 20:24, Urbin wrote:
Well, I spent some time tonight to patch up some seemingly abandoned addons.
With this I am at a working state of most addons again (though I threw some
out, too).

If any of you are interested, updated version of the following addons can be
gotten from


The following addons are pending an update but their authors stated they
were working on it:


The last few addons that I'm not willing to patch (too big or complex) are:
- RecipeBook
- Sheppard
- VisualHeal
if anyone can suggest a replacement addon, I would be grateful.

Well, back to relaxed playing now.

For those of you who are interested (and were incredulous about the number
of my addons), here is a complete list of those working (minus the ones
already mentioned above):



I thought that I'd have a go at Macaroon to see what it can offer me over Bartender. Wow! That thing's a pain in the arse to configure compared with Bartender. It's a lot more flexible though and I guess that comes with a price.

Do you configure it on each character that you have or do you have one config for all? It seems like I'll need to do it for each class to me (although the main page does copy over)

One issue that I am having is that you need to configure each page of a bar independently of the main bar. I have my main bar in an odd shape to match my N52 keypad like this:

[1][2] [3][4]
[5] [6]

The big pain in the neck is that when I switch the editor to another stance it has 0 buttons on it! So I have to add 11 buttons, set it to 5 columns, move button 1 left 84 units, button 2 up 42 units, button 3 up 42 across 42 and finally button 4 up 42 and across 42. You don't seem to be able to copy from another bar and you can't type those numbers in for fast entry. You just have to click on the arrows until the number changes to what you want.

Is there a way to copy bar pages/stances to other pages? I'll need to do this for the main bar (which will be caster form), bear form, cat form, and prowl on my Druid. Plus I'll need to do it for all the secondary stances on all my characters (battle stance seems to use the main bar but I'll need to set up defensive and berserker stances).

I'm not up for that right now..... I'll see if I can be bothered tomorrow after some sleep. :)

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