Re: So you thought you were ready to tank heroics...

Ashen Shugar wrote:

An armory link so we can see exactly *what* blue gear you currently
have would be useful.

You're right, sorry

If it's all mostly ilvl 187 stuff, then running
the level 70 regular instances will give you access to some gear
that'll help you get geared up for tanking heroics. Regular ToC as
mentioned isn't a bad idea, especially if you can go with guildies
that can make it easier on you. Though if your guildies are friendly
enough, go run heroics as dps with a guildy to tank and another to
heal. DPS seems to have gone up for a lot of classes, so even if
you're dps is a bit pitiful still, you can probably still burn through
heroics pretty quickly to save up justice points and pick up the DK's
ilvl 232 tanking set fairly quickly.

Yes, though I have never DPSed with this char so I don't have much DPS gear. Actually, I died twice as much when DPSing than when I was tanking in HoL :D
I must add that 3/5 of the group was undergeared, so it may not have been entirely my fault.

I started tanking heroics on my DK at about 24k health, not entirely
sure of the mitigation/avoidance, but I was relatively squishy. But I
managed. Use your defensive cooldowns, start of the fight is the best
time when there's the most number of mobs hitting on you. I haven't
really played my DK since I had to change to a blood spec to have a
tanking spec (I liked frost tanking : ( ), so I'm not uptodate on
what defensive cooldowns you have and how long their cooldown is. But
use as many as you can as often as you can. Though of course don't
blow a 3 minutes cooldown when there's only one mob left in a pull
just because it came off cooldown. : )

Yeah blood has Bone Shield now that can be put up before the start of the fight (and possibily reused, since CD isn't so high), and my trinket gives a nice armor boots. Still, with every hit half of my HP was gone :)