Re: Ping Urbin

On 19/10/2010 11:43, Dave Weaver wrote:
On 2010-10-19, Mark (newsgroups)<marknewsgroups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What is the problem with FuBar? I still use it, and I admit, I haven't
tried to change or configure anything since the patch, but it still
seems to work fine for me, display-wise at least.

I switched to ButtonBin before the patch, so perhaps nothing's wrong with
FuBar per se, but I find that an awful lot of addons have LDB support these
days, so I decided to go for an LDB display instead of FuBar.

I find sometimes I get so fond of an old addon that I don't even bother
looking at alternatives then, when I accidentally stumble on to a fantastic
alternative I wonder why I didn't do that earlier. A case in point is
Engbags - I loved that addon and didn't even look for other bag addons until
the patch forced me too. Now I use ArkInventory, which is like EngBags on
steroids, and I wish I'd found it ages ago.

But if FuBar still suits you and does what you want, stick with it.

Well, I'm open to explore alternatives, it's just that I have seen a lot of people saying they've switched to something else from FuBar, so I assumed it must be broken in some way.

On this note, I switched to VuhDo when Grid stopped working, and kind of like it so far. Thing is, I haven't played any of my healing classes (still trying to work out the changes to my mage and rogue), so haven't set up any click casts. I wonder if Grid is working again but from someone who switched, what are the benefits of staying with VuhDo?