Re: Unitframes, argh

On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 18:38:10 +0100, Steve Kaye
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On 15/10/2010 17:59, Catriona R wrote:

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On 15/10/2010 17:40, Catriona R wrote:
Erm, pretty major issue here... how do I get my castbar back? Can't
possibly play a healer without a castbar, but I just want the default
Blizz one, not one up on my portrait... :-P

Ah right, sorry, I don't know. I use Quartz so it's not an issue. Damn,
I can see how that is a problem, but perhaps it's an option somewhere.

Hehe dammit, so I have to get another addon to fix a problem caused by
a different addon, fun :-P I seem to be acquiring more and more addons
here, all to fix a simple thing lol. I've hunted and hunted and can't
find a way anyway, even disabling the castbar module entirely doesn't
give it me back :-(

Can you configure Pitbull? I can't as the options screen won't expand
to show the different sections. Not that it matters a lot to me because
I've already configured it how I like it. I would like to remove the
focus frame though as I've decided to use the private tanks panel that
comes with Vuhdo and that can show target and focus windows.

Seems to configure fine here, at least I'm not noticing any obvious
issues. Not sure I'm a fan of the look, bit boxy for my tastes really,
but I'll give it a try, it's at least clearer on the healthbar now.
Spent ages at it and still not really happy, guess I'll see how it
goes! Might just enable it on my priest and leave all alts as default
for now, see if I get used to it or not.
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