Re: Unitframes, argh

On 15/10/2010 17:59, Catriona R wrote:

On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 17:50:19 +0100, "Mark (newsgroups)"
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On 15/10/2010 17:40, Catriona R wrote:
Erm, pretty major issue here... how do I get my castbar back? Can't
possibly play a healer without a castbar, but I just want the default
Blizz one, not one up on my portrait... :-P

Ah right, sorry, I don't know. I use Quartz so it's not an issue. Damn,
I can see how that is a problem, but perhaps it's an option somewhere.

Hehe dammit, so I have to get another addon to fix a problem caused by
a different addon, fun :-P I seem to be acquiring more and more addons
here, all to fix a simple thing lol. I've hunted and hunted and can't
find a way anyway, even disabling the castbar module entirely doesn't
give it me back :-(

Can you configure Pitbull? I can't as the options screen won't expand to show the different sections. Not that it matters a lot to me because I've already configured it how I like it. I would like to remove the focus frame though as I've decided to use the private tanks panel that comes with Vuhdo and that can show target and focus windows.

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