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You could try x-perl. It replaces the default party frames and I think
it has options to configure them to remain on when it a raid (though I
turn them off). I believe PitBull will do the same thing, I'm just
getting used to that. I went from ag_UnitFrames (which broke) -> x-perl
(very good, and configurable but I still preferred the look of
ag_UnitFrames) -> PitBull (which looks like ag_UnitFrames, used to be
very complicated but has been simplified).

I hope some of this is helpful, but maybe I misunderstood your question.

Makes sense but appearance matters a lot, I looked at all those on
Curse already and they all look hideous! Do they have some half decent
skins available? I hate having a load of soulless boxes instead of
player portraits etc, I'd sooner not play at all than play like that.

Actually, you'd be pleasantly surprised. PitBull gives a nice solid
looking frame of different colour for each class with a customisable 2D
or 3D portrait (off by default strangely). I much much prefer the look
of these frames to the default Blizzard ones.

Yeah I took a look at the guide on their site and the sample layouts
convinced me it won't be so bad, still not an instant fan but if I can
make it show slightly larger healthbars than the default then I've
gained, since I may be able to heal without having to keep looking
across at Grid while healing from the portraits lol. I'll give that
one a go I think, still not keen on making sauch a big change but
hopefully I'll get used to it!

Erm, pretty major issue here... how do I get my castbar back? Can't
possibly play a healer without a castbar, but I just want the default
Blizz one, not one up on my portrait... :-P

Ah right, sorry, I don't know. I use Quartz so it's not an issue. Damn, I can see how that is a problem, but perhaps it's an option somewhere.