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On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:42:42 -0400, IYM wrote:
I'm the OP and figured I'd just follow up with some info...


The first instance I pugged using LFG tool did not go so well. I was not
geared right, kept running out of mana and was trying to heal using the


Vuhdo set up and wow, what a difference.

I sure believe it. I've had my spriest off heal occasionally in the very few
dungeons I ran with her and a few more times in groups of 2-3 for elite
quests and healing on portraits is the pits!

Healing using grid is cool (and it's just inertia keeping me from trying out
vuhdo as grid so far satisfies me).


Anyway, my basic observances of a first time healer were:

a) I have a tendency, esp right now, to have my eyeballs buried in the
heals bars and not on the screen or what's going on around me so much.
I hope that'll come in time, but it's a good thing I ran through these
dungeons so much as a casting dps that I know them well.

Hehe, I brought my resto shaman from 15 to 71 purely healing using /lfg. I
still am mostly glued to health bars. I *do* occasionally see the odd
wandering mob or pat approach us but am sure glad I can just follow the

On the other hand, it's great running all those instances on my healer, so I
know where to go when I hit them on my bear tank (who I'm also purely
levelling in /lfg as a tank, he usually drags behind a few levels, so it's
cool reacquainting myself with those dungeons on my healer first).

b) As my first alt, I am having the stupidity / habit of hitting greed
on everything as that's what I'm used to doing with my mage who doesn't
need anything in these instances except the frosts.

Hehe, I had the opposite problem: I just look at the stat display I get from
RatingBuster and clicked Need a few times on a really cool upgrade only to
have priests/mages/warlocks jump on me because it was a cloth item :) I
always handed it over and explained, so they were usually quite happy
afterwards and since outland this is no longer an issue (now I loose my
greed rolls on updates to shard rolls of the others :-( )

c) I can see a healers frustrations when the tank takes off without
letting you loot. As a dps, if I caught up a few seconds late to the
next pull, it was no big deal - not so as a healer, and if he wasn't an
80, we might have had some issues.

No frustration here. My healer is a miner and skinner. I heal, if needed I
will then drink, then I loot, mine, skin. If the tank runs out of range and
picks a fight without checking for me, ah well, I can live with a dead tank
:) I usually try to catch up though. I can see why healers like to combat
loot (hated when that window popped up on my dpsers) and do combat-skinning
a lot (though not usually combat mining).

On my bear tank I tend to keep an eye on my healer. While I like to pull
fast to not lose too much rage, I still prefere low rage over no healing. As
a consequence I often get groups complaining and telling me to speed things
up :)

d) I must say that there was that "ahhh, I understand now what they
meant" when they say there is no spell rotation other than your initial
heals and that it's a "feel" thing. :)

That's what I like about healing. It's much more keeping an overview what's
going on and experience than just mindless working of a rotation.

All in all, it was fun, although not as relaxing as dps ....right now
anyway. Now, I just need to run a bunch over and over... :)

Have fun, I hugely enjoy my healing and tanking chars. After not daring to
try either for over 5 years :)

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