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Hi -

I'm leveling a druid kitty and he just dinged 60 last night and is in the Outlands. My guild is aways in desperate need of heals, so I've decided to dual spec him as resto. My question is that I've heard some different takes as far as the add-on healing interfaces. Priests and shammy's I've all talked to seem to almost all go with heal-bot, while druids seem all over the place, with many preferring Vuhdo. As someone who has never healed before with either, what do the tree experts in here recommend as far as an interface?

This druid will not be healing PvP as far as any current intention of mine, but 5-mans and eventually raids on a PvE server. As I mentioned, my only experience that comes close to healing is using Decursive with my mage and I absolutely love hitting those spots in ICC (esp the trash mob before the Gunship on 10-man) where I get to decurse, so maybe there's an inner healer in me, so I'd like to give it a whirl. :)

I'm coming to this discussion late because I was away on holiday last

Anyway, I was a big Grid/Clique fan for ages, but then discovered
Vuhdo and haven't looked back since.

I'm usually healing with my priest, but I've also got a Shaman healer
and reecently specced my druid resto to try out druid healing. I've
been more than happy with Vuhdo for all of those classes.

I especially like the hot timer bars that vuhdo can display (up to 3
bars per toon) which works great for all those druid hots.

In my opinion Vuhdo is easier to configure than Grid (at least when I
last used Grid) and more flexible in many areas (e.g. you can have
multiple icons displayed for debuffs, show target & target-of-target,
show your bars for your focus, set private tanks, have separate panels
for whatever classes etc you want, etc, etc). Of course, Grid may
well have evolved a lot since I last used it (about a year ago), and
may be able to do many of these things now, I don't know.

I'm the OP and figured I'd just follow up with some info...I haven't been able to play my druid a lot due to time and ICC nights with my mage, but I did nervously run through some instances. I started tree healing at lvl 68 and now am at 70. The first instance I pugged using LFG tool (Hellfire Ramparts) did not go so well. I was not geared right, kept running out of mana and was trying to heal using the portraits. Tank didn't die, but I lost a few dps here and there. After that, I hooked up with a good druid tree from my guild who inspected me, had me make a bunch of changes to my gear and walked me through how she had Vuhdo set up and wow, what a difference. I had fun after that hooking up with some guildies alts who were all 68 -70 and healing my way though the heroic blood furnace instance in Outlands, and the regular DK & Nexus in Northrend. However, these were not true tests for me as we had a level 80 tank, so my margin for error was, ummm... a bit higher (although he was a bear druid who never tanked, and was tanking using his kitty gear so he was taking damage, but still - an 80 is an 80). But this still allowed me to get a feel for healing, as the rest of the party was my level and they were taking some decent damage. I still am healing without wild growth or nourish, so I'll have to see what those will do when I get them. Anyway, my basic observances of a first time healer were:

a) I have a tendency, esp right now, to have my eyeballs buried in the heals bars and not on the screen or what's going on around me so much. I hope that'll come in time, but it's a good thing I ran through these dungeons so much as a casting dps that I know them well.

b) As my first alt, I am having the stupidity / habit of hitting greed on everything as that's what I'm used to doing with my mage who doesn't need anything in these instances except the frosts. So it was good I was with my guildies who kept giving me the good healing gear I mucked up and missed.

c) I can see a healers frustrations when the tank takes off without letting you loot. As a dps, if I caught up a few seconds late to the next pull, it was no big deal - not so as a healer, and if he wasn't an 80, we might have had some issues.

d) I must say that there was that "ahhh, I understand now what they meant" when they say there is no spell rotation other than your initial heals and that it's a "feel" thing. :)

All in all, it was fun, although not as relaxing as dps ....right now anyway. Now, I just need to run a bunch over and over... :)