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IYM <"S U N risr"> wrote:
Just to expand on this, the quality of your connection to the WoW servers
isn't entirely in the hands of the hotel, either. That family resort might
have state of the art networking installed, and if their ISP has a lousy
backbone provider, or is just far away from the server you play on in the
topology of the network, there's not much to be done about it.

Possible, but I was only 2 states over (about 300 miles) from home and
near NYC, so I doubt it, but possible..

Sure, but Internet topology isn't always geographical. If your local ISP
has their backbone through MCI or AT&T, and the resort's ISP has its
backbone from Bob's Bandwidth and Bait Shop, the quality of the latter
connection is going to be lower. :)

Also, a lot of multi-use facilities do what is called "traffic shaping",
giving priority to certain types of traffic over others, and they certainly
are going to prioritize email and web surfing over gaming if they do.

nah - When I was getting booted by blizzard I tried surfing the net and
it was as slow as a whale turd. Even the hotels own web site was
extremly slow loading in data. Felt like a 56k modem loading in pics of
the hotel rooms and such. Since it was a family resort, i suspect a lot
of kids/teens trying to download video content, youtubing or music
downloads...lot of hi-bandwidth stuff. It all seemed to go away after
about 11pm-1am, when it would seem people went to bed...

Ok, see, that sounds like a site that desperately NEEDS to be doing
traffic shaping. You can kill a shared connection with too much bittorrent
traffic (for example); ask any college campus network administrator. :)

Oh, and yes it was blizz booting me. Never lost internet connection,
but the latancy was so bad I'm guessing if you can't keep within a
certain lag, WoW just says forget it and DC's you.... lol

There's a certain point where the server and client get so out of sync that
the connection just drops. I'm not sure if it's so much the server closing
the connection, or the client deciding the server is taking too long to
respond. But high latency definately is going to lead to dropped

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