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I tend to find that the specs I enjoy most are so fun I want to level
with them again :-) The difference between liking endgame most, and
liking levelling most shows there really, if I remember rightly it's
you I've had a few discussions with where it's clear we're total
opposites on that one? ;-)

Yeah, I don't find leveling fun at all.

I love leveling when it's new content. For example, leveling up as a
draenei was great, until I had to go to dark shore and start the slog.
The DK starting zone(s) was awesome, until you ot ported to Stormwind
and had to start the slog.

Darkshore? By the time you finish the Bloodmyst Isle, you should be just about ready for Darkshire, not Darkshore... and Darkshire's hub and circular groups of quests lets you complete the entire zone in an evening, easily picking up 4-5 levels along the way.