Re: I'll tell you where Blizzard can shove their 310% mount - Eye of the Storm rant

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On Tue, 04 May 2010 12:51:38 -0500, PV wrote:

That's precisely WHY some of the achievements are hard to do. 310
mounts should not be easy to get. *

I don't mind hard. I mind impossible for some.

I appreciate that as a non raider I will not get one of the
raid-based 310 drakes. I also accept that as a casual, I'm unlikely
to get the special-heroic-achievment based 310 drake. I accept that I
had no chance of getting the (purely cosmetic) amani war bear. I
would gladly accept that I would have no chance of ever getting a
purely PvP based 310 drake, should there ever be one (or is there one
already? I don't even know).

There is. The Arena Reward Drakes.

And I have to be brutally honest with you now:
Writing off THAT much of the game, I almost don't think you should BE
able to get a 310% drake at all...


I know, that's quite an elitist, schmuck attitude on my part,
but if the policy is that 310% drake-like rewards are for special
skills, whether they be PvP skills, All-round PvE skills (Glory),
Specialty PvE skills (Amani War Bear), or Decathlons of vastly
different stuff (WALSTIB), - then is stands to reason that there
should be some people who won't get them.

And so what?
Really, is it SO bad to have to "settle" for a 280% mount?
That's life. Not everyone can get EVERYTHING.

Exclusivity excludes...

The WALASTIHB 310 drake is the only avenue open to me of getting a 310
drake. I am fine with it taking at least a year (or two in my case
because I missed the summer event due to my holidays last year).
However, peppering in an almost impossible PvP achievment for a non
PvPer is what I had trouble accepting.

I would guess that several mages have the WALSTIB drake already.
It's not even NEAR impossible. It just requires different skills.
Have you tried employing social skills? You didn't write those
types of skills off in your complaint above... So try getting
a group together that can help you. A healer, a couple of people
that can stun/slow the pursuers, etc.

Use what skills you have. Think outside the box if necessary.
And accept that if you have none, you won't get any rewards.


But I doubt that you are THAT skill-less :)
Patience is also a (very underestimated) skill in this game.
Keep at it.


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