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Of course there were few people who either can't or won't purchase
an authenticator, so in the end we now have two ranks for raiders,
one with a bank access and one without. Then again, especially as
we had quite a few posts discussing the decision and the reasons
behind it, and since there's no stigma with the other rank it works
quite nicely.

I can imagine for teenaged children or people on a limited income, it
might be a problem. For example, the unit itself is only $6.50, but
because I live in Canada I paid over $11 for shipping and handling.
That $6.50 unit was suddenly over $17.

I think it's mostly either personal reasons (ie. they feel they can
take care of their security well enough without one) or the not
having a credit card.

Let me give you a 3rd reason. There are actually 2 guildies that I
want to have access to my account. If it's possible to tie multiple
keys to one WoW account I'd seriously consider doing it though.

Rgds, Frank