Re: Getting around and seeing places?

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Different definitions I guess, to me if it works well in those areas
you find fun, it does the job fine :-)

Well, it doesn't work well in most areas TBH. I can kill in the cow level
just fine(until I meet a fire immune cow) but for the vast majority of the
game, I either put up with retardedly slow kill speeds(as you may have
guessed, a fire druid's damage is fire based. Many monsters are resistant or
immune to fire, AND the druid fire spells are very random, AND they're
slow), or run with a teammate.

So usually, if I'm playing my fire druid, I'm running with friends, who do
most of the killing while I stand around and cast my spells that just LOOK

That's still pretty damn nice! Must be good gear for that much
spellpower though, my warlock's too low lvl to compare but my priest
only has 2.6k (and that's with spiritual guidance), 3k+ is beyond my
dreams currently!

He's got the 245 crafted bracers and chest, 226 crafted belt and boots, the
245 shoulders, wand, and helm from triumph badges, the 232 set gloves and
pants, SP trink from WG, Seethe, and assorted other stuff. Plus we get 12%
of our pet's stam+int(which are boosted via Fel Vitality) as spellpower from
Demonic Knowledge, and Demonic Aegis increases the amount of SP our Fel
Armor gives us. I think in pure Aff or Destro spec, my spellpower is around
2800, so I get around 400 from talents in the demo tree. My stats definitely
look nicer in demo-roughly 3200, 30% crit, and 775 haste with just Fel Armor
and Spellstone on.


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