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and the other is demo/affliction with a voidwalker,

WHY are you demo without a felguard? He has almost as much life and more
armor than the VW does, he has a taunt as well, and he hits MUCH harder,
which means he holds aggro much better.

Fun value - ever realised that sometimes it's fun to do your own thing
and not be a sheep? I happened to like siphon life so why drop that to
get felguard when I could have a nice fun hybrid build? It was a solo
character so not like I'm hurting anybody's precious feelings by not
being an optimal raid build, I'm just having fun playing my own way,
which works more than adequately - the felguard offered nothing that
made it worthwhile losing all the fun of my particular setup. Maybe it
does at 80 but this is a TBC character which is still 70 so I don't
know what's changed since then.
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