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On 13/02/2010 23:22, Catriona R wrote:
Something I'm liking right now is thorium! There's tons of it! Just
questing in Un'Goro I've got loads and loads of it, there's a vein
every few yards it seems, respawning really fast... questing today, in
one level (rested) from 51-52, I got 77 ores. Seventy seven! When I
remember the absolute torture I went through to skill blacksmithing on
my deathknight a year ago, this is just incredible. A very good
change, seeing pretty much anybody levelling a profession which needs
thorium is going to struggle badly to get it over 300 before hitting
Outland. Opposite problem for me now; I'm at a stage in
mining/engineering where I need Outland ores... and I'm lvl 52 :-P

That sounds good - maybe I should try levelling my Paladin's
Blacksmithing again then. I got stuck at the Thorium levels when I was
levelling him ages ago. I tried again about a year or so ago and gave
up again. I'm too cheap to pay the AH prices and the speed at which I
could gather it myself compared to how much was needed was awful so I
didn't stopped again.

I'm thinking this is a pretty recent change since auction prices are
still pretty high, 20g a stack currently. I could easily make a lot of
gold by some concentrated mining, since there are veins as far as the
eye can see - mine a rich thorium and another one pops up right beside
it, crazy. I've not even been specifically looking for veins, but just
normal questing, so it should be a vast improvement for skilling
blacksmithing and the like :-)

I think I've just made a terrible mistake. I saw dozens of 20 stack
thorium for 17g buyout and figured it must be being sold by a bot very
under-valued. I bought every single stack, dropping about 3000g on it.
Only to 10 minutes later come and see this thread, and check it out
and yes, thorium is just spawing like crazy. I think I'm going to
struggle to get rid of my 150 stacks :(


Nah, it may spawn but someone has to harvest it, and there are better things
to spend time on.
Some of the people who want it to level won't think twice at 1g=20g a stack for a dozen or
two stacks.
It may take some time, waiting for a power leveller, but you should clear it
fairly soon at cost or a small profit. Assuming you have banker alts it is just a glitch.

For terrible mistakes, try starting to input a bid, cursor in bid tab
slide to another pc to check pricing, turn around and find the cat has somehow managed to
spend 5,000 gold for you :-(
now will you brush me, or must I also puke on your...oh wait...splork.


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