Re: Tank Strategy for Halls of Reflection

I think it was "Hoofu&Oggie" <snarks@xxxxxxxxx> that wrote something

and so much horrified and running around

why dont use tremor totem?

It still interrupts.

Hoofu, 80 tauren shaman, Argent Dawn (EU)

Also, tremor totems only tick over every now and then. Plus, I did
drop a tremor totem for a while, but it didn't seem to do anything,
which is what led me to believe it was a horror effect and not a fear
effect. Fear's can be dispelled. Horror effects, well, some of em
might possibly be dispellable, but the usual methods of avoiding fear
doesn't work against horror effects. Fear wards and Tremor totems are
(and wowhead confirms that it's a horror effect, not a fear)

Also I note that the tank gets a magic debuff that reduces their dodge
by 20% for 5 seconds. So Falric is going to suck if there isn't
someone around to dispell the magic debuffs and is actually dispelling

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