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Thanks for the advice, that's almost what I was thinking, though I was
considering going divine strength first since I can forsee myself
needing threat generation more than mitigation at low levels.

I'd forget going for deflection at first - just stick to the protection
tree so that you can get the lower down tanking talents more quickly.
The 5% parry that you lose is more than compensated for by the 6% all
damage reduction you get (for only 3 points) with Improved Righteous Fury.

This would allow you to get Blessing of Sanctuary at level 30, Holy
Shield at 40 and Avenger's Shield at 50. Plus other useful talents like
Combat Expertise, Spiritual Attunement and Ardent Defender come sooner
as well.

That makes sense. I did wonder if perhaps it might be better to go
down the retribution tree initially. From my experience with low level
druid tanking, I needed the rage and threat talents much more than the
mitigation talents.

So I'm hoping that someone has recently tanked low level instances
with a paladin and can give me some specific pointers. For example,
with druid tanking I'd always recommend the increased damage, reduced
rage cost talents over mitigation. I'd also promote more dps oriented
gear as you really need the rage at low levels where incoming damage
isn't really enough. Perhaps there are similar tricks with paladin
tanking. Guess I'll find out soon enough, going to start queuing at
level 16 once I get Righteous Fury.

I levelled my paladin to 60 before TBC, so I'm not to familiar with the
levelling process at the moment, but I recently levelled a warlock so I
know the old world instances: Until lvl 40 or so, don't bother with
reducing your damage intake. Healers are usually bored if (and that's
important) there is a competent tank holding all the aggro. On the other
hand, most DPS are not that patient or immature or unexperienced, so
keeping the mobs glued to you should be your main concern. My advice for
the first couple of talent points go into ret:

Benediction 5/5 (rubbish for high lvl tanks, but you do not have many
ways to get mana back, so this can save a lot)
Improved Judgements 2/2 (improved your damage and threat generation a
lot at low levels)
Heart of the Crusader 3/3 (basically filler, but a nice group buff)
Seal of Command (Very useful for aggro generation since it hits more
than 1 mob, and you probably don't have the mana for constant consecration)

Only then I would start the prot tree with Divine strength. After that,
start filling up the prot tree, concentrating on the dmg/aggro and mana
talents: Blessing of Sanctuary ASAP, Reckoning is very nice with Seal of
Righteousness and so on.

Maybe you should consider respeccing at lvl 30 to get Sanctuary, which
should allow you to keep up consecration all the time.

Oh, and you should only look into the raid builds once you have all the
tools: Hammer of the Righteous (lvl 60 if you spend all points in prot)
and Shield of Righteousness (lvl 75). Before you have those, disregard
anything you read about 9-6-9.

Filling up the prot tree to get to the interesting talents (Avenger's
Shield, Hammer, Touched by the Light) should give you plenty of talents
to avoid damage.

I thought I'd update on this (again) since your advice has proved very
useful. I have done the paladin quests, and a couple of others, but
primarily have levelled through the LFG tool, as a tank in every case.
I'm level 25 now, and yes I realise it's still very early days, but
I'm having a lot of fun. Have tanked every instance up to RFK. My mage/
priest dual box team aren't too happy parked at 72 in Dragonblight
while I play this paladin. Soloing is still very boring, but tanking
at low levels is just a breeze compared to what I remember on my

I decided to stick to the retribution tree because no healer seems to
have had problems keeping my health up so far, I think the increased
dps talents in retri are helpful for threat at these levels, and mana
regen seems better. I'm looking forward to Sanctified Retribution,
since I always run with Retribution Aura at the moment for more
threat. Also, I discovered Seal of Command has a very nice glyph
[Glyph of Seal of Command]. Once I applied this I found my mana
problems largely over, able to use consecrate liberally. I previously
was using BoW instead of BoK to keep my mana up, but have switched to
BoK now that I have above glyph. I did make a mistake on one of my
glyphs, I bought [Glyph of the Wise] thinking it applied to my
Judgement of Wisdom ability (which is the one I use when tanking at
the moment). Oh well, not sure what minor glyph I should replace it

So as I said, sticking to retribution for extra damage/threat at the
moment, and should I notice mana problems or healers start to have
(mana) issues keeping me up, I'll make the switch to prot.

For interest, here is his armory link (ugh, didn't want to be a Blood
Elf, but had no choice if I wanted the heirloom items):

Most of the runs have gone well. If the healer is decent I can usually
keep things together despite some retarded dps. Have had a few of
these and true to the cliche it's been hunters that are the most
impatient and think they should be pulling everything. I used the
votekick once when a hunter wouldn't stop doing this, and finally
annoyed me enough when he needed on a BoP mail chest for his warrior
alt. My impression in this game at all levels is still that healers
seem to be the most reasonable/mature players. Must be something about
the role that requires that sort of disposition. Just my opinion,
don't mean to offend anyone :p

Oh, and on the recent theme on whether there is a shortage of tanks in
LFG, well, I queue as tank/dps every time, but have not once been
placed as dps. Draw your own conclusions.

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