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Few mages will use Blizzard more than once in a fight -- I use Omen and
what Blizzard does to aggro is spectacular.

Maybe you need a new tank? I've seen well geared mages in randoms blizz
multiple times without ever pulling aggro, but in those instances, we also
had a good tank.

Use it twice and every mob in the area will be on you and your friend, the

Not in the runs I've done. Must be a tank thing.

That'd be my thought too. I'm playing my mage fire at the moment
(only level 71) and I'll run in not that far behind the tank, cast
dragon's breath, Flamestrike, Blast Wave, Flamestrike, cone of cold
and I *might* have agroed one out of 3 or 4 mobs. Sometimes.

But Pally's get 30% threat reduction from talents while frost mages
only get 10% from what I can see. (At least if wowheads talent
calculator is up to date.) So a Mage is going to have to wait a bit
longer before starting dps than a Pally is to prevent pulling ago. (if
they have a tank that they actually *can* pull agro from.)

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