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A few times today when I've been auto-flying somewhere (num lock), and
minimising WoW to check something out online, I've come back to see that
I've been disconnected from the server. When I log back in it's very
slow and I have had to reselect which sever I want to use. Odd. Anyone
else had it? Am on Eonar EU.

This happen to me sometimes while I alt-tab. Don't why. I'm on Confrérie du
Thorium EU.

I think that, in the last patch I *think*, they *seriously* changed
the game's behavior when you're alt-tabbed out. I *know* I used to be
able to alt-tab while my Banker was scanning the AH, now the scan
stops as soon as I do and doesn't start again until I maximize the
window again.

A lot of people have mentioned that, yep - any addon that can run in
the background just stops when you tab out, as people who run
Censusplus a lot have found. Works if you run windowed mode maximised
though, which fortunately for me I was already doing (discovered doing
that lets you see what the game's doing in the little thumbnails off
the Windows 7 taskbar so... no other mode for me now! ;-))
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