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Rob Wynne wrote:
Rev. Diva Schematic <divaschematic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Okay. Just catching up on my achievements.

I can't see how I'm going to complete Shadow of the Betrayer as I've run
out of normal quests and so far have one difficult to solo dungeon quest
to run for Shadowmoon. I expect there's a few follow-on dungeons I'm
going to have to find help for. What am I missing though - I still have
29 quests left to complete, where the heck are they. (Am Ally and Aldor)

Have you done all the stuff out on Netherwing Ledge?

Nope, was just on my way there though when I checked this.

Quest Helper has a function I didn't know about called /qh incomplete
which does the same as that add on mentioned above!

Not quite the same.

EveryQuest do only show lists for zones and instances, then you have to
look them up yourself at a website if you want to know locations.

QuestHelper make use the map, but it it's a follow-up quest it shows,
you still have to look it up at a website, to figure out where the
quest-line starts.

With EveryQuest it's possible to add other addons that can show the
comments from wowhead and add the same functions as QuestHelper, but
with a more minimalistic interface.
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