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But is this too slippery a slope? I'd *only* want it for heirloom gear

That's much too fine a distinction.  Paying real money for in-game gear
is a terrible idea.  (Pandaren monk pets aside, of course!)

And I doubt Blizzard would ever do it because that sets up a precedent
for virtual items being worth real money, which could become a *huge*
legal headache in terms of taxation and reimbursement for lost items.

The pets like that monk are items that don't affect gameplay and are
purely cosmetic, while heirloom items do help a player progress faster
and thus affect gameplay, giving him an advantage over other players.
Bad enough you got gold sellers, but heirloom sellers? Who would
bother trying to earn those things if they can buy it.  After that
start selling gear improvements so players won't have to do instances
nor play in arenas.  You can see which way this would go.

It's easy to take that view when you disagree with it in general, but
that's not necessarily true that it would lead anywhere. You condone
buying pets, but not other items, so it's really just degrees of the
same theme.

No it's not, one is cosmetic and doesn't affect how you play the game
including how fast you progress while the other does.

That's true, but, how can I phrase this.... your objection on these
terms isn't well formed. Firstly, Blizzard already allow this
advantage to people who pay for a second account and play using RaF
increased XP. People who have spare emblems/seals can equip low levels
to give them with gear now which affects how fast they progress.

Secondly, I don't think it's anything for me to worry about should
someone have heirloom gear. Does this faster progression negatively
affect anyone else? It certainly doesn't negatively impact me, except
for low level BGs and the heirloom gear has less affect there than
proper twinking does.

For example, if the limit was that you had to have a level 80 already,
and the gear was only heirloom levelling items, can you tell me the
difference between these two scenarios:

1) A person with a lot of free time plays WoW most nights, farms
emblems, equips a low level character to the max, pays for a character
transfer to a new server. This character now has an advantage over

2) A person without much free time, but who has a level 80, buys the
heirloom items for a new character on a new server. This character now
has an advantage over others.

The obvious difference is where the money went, but apart from that
the end result is the same. The difference is that one requires a time
sink, while the other less so. Both characters still have an advantage
over others, and did this low level character earn the advantage? No.

I'd like to know a bit more of your thoughts on this advantage though,
it's true in theory, but the only time I can think it would negatively
affect me is in low level battlegrounds, and there are tons of
characters with the WG heirloom gear there already. So not sure how
else I'd be negatively affected?

I'm thinking about a person who never leveled any character to 80 but
buys heirloom items

But but but.... I said already, it could be limited to someone who had
a max level character. See Death Knights.