Re: The tank shortage.

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3) "GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO." Um, is it okay if I take the time to have a
sip of water? The office was a little dry today. Sorry you lost five
seconds there.

Not only that, but if there are mana users, I like to give them time to
replenish, particularly the healer. My mage is burning an evocate at every
opportunity, so good luck if it's needed in an emergency, and then I have
to hope I have time to get another mana gem made.

Yep, wish more tanks would do that! Not so bad on my 80 priest but my
lowbie one is in pretty much best blues for the level, still have to
stop and drink after clearing a whole room at once, meanwhile the
tank's already charging off into the next room and I'm wondering how
I'm supposed to keep him up when it took my entire manapool to survive
the last room and I'm not even on 50% yet :-/

I often join as leader on my dps and will pass lead to the tank so he can
use /readycheck. It can be annoying to use on every pull but it's nice to
know the tank is thinking about the casters.

If only more were like that!
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