Re: Why Am I getting Explorer's League Rep?

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"Shiflet" <rshiflet@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
You can pick up t9/245 leave gear with badges now. Breeze through a few
random heroics, and you'll pass the gear check easily.

You don't need trophies anymore? That makes sense I guess with the amount
of triumph you get running the random heroics, but it kind of annoys me
because I wasted DKP on a trophy and item just a couple weeks ago. It will
be nice if I want to pick up my last piece if I need to juggle to keep my
4 piece set bonus. *

Yes and no. You can get one level of tier 9 gear without trophies, one level
with badges and 1 trophy, and the highest level(251 I think) ONLY with the
token that drops in ToC 25.

You can also get multiple pieces of 245 non-set gear with just badges.