Re: Azhara! Where the Hills Roll and Giants Walk!

"Orion Ryder" <orionryder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What the hell else can I do there for quests. I have a small list of
quests from thott that were searched as "alliance IN Azshara" but I am
sure there are a lot more that I can run a search on that start or end
there as well.

Damn that place msut have been awful during the old school pre BC



Aside from small amount of quests that you get there, some class quests,
parts of raiding quests chains, Azuregos and elemental invasion spawn points
the place was good for farming:
- mithril and thorium
- fishing elemental water and essence of water
- runecloth and felcloth
Because of the last one it was also place of many small scale PvP battles
back then.
That reminds me:


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